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Let's plan your session! Sessions are booked up to 6 months in advance! Sessions all include professional style hair and makeup. Get pampered while you sip on wine and we can chat!

Prep for your session by selecting up to 4 outfit changes. We will go through each of those on the day of your session, and decide which will work best for your shoot! You'll also have access to our client closet, full of beautiful, sanitized pieces that will compliment your shoot. While you get your hair and makeup done, I'll be picking out outfits for you too! Just bring a nude and black thong for an extra layer of protection. 

As a general rule, please don't do anything out of your norm before your shoot! Just drink lots of water to get your skin glowing, but don't spray tan! We don't want THAT kind of glow ;) 

After your session, you'll be invited to go have a bite to eat or do a little shopping, and return after about 2 hours. We'll go over all of your images, and you'll select your favorites for your album at that time. All of our products are top of the line, luxury because you deserve the very best. 

Products will be ordered, and we can schedule a product pick up, or direct shipping. Easy, stress-free, and fun. Just like you!

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