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For most of us, comfortable and undies aren't two words that go together. I'm about to change that for you. After your session, you'll have a new appreciation for yourself in various states of undress.


As women, we're taught early on that if we love ourselves, it's conceited. We're conditioned to pick ourselves apart, find our inequalities, and tear ourselves down. 

It's my mission to STOP that cycle. Or at least try. Boudoir is a step towards loving yourself. I won't kid you, and tell you it's the whole journey. It's a huge stepping stone though. It's a way to see yourself through the world's eyes. It's a way to see your true beauty. 

The Looking Glass studio is a safe place to discover yourself, feel confident without reservation, and learn to love yourself. You wouldn't tell your best friend half of what you tell yourself when you look into the mirror. Why are you letting YOU do that to YOU? You're better than that. You're worthy, deserving, and beautiful. 

Let's stop comparing, start believing in ourselves, and make the first step towards self-love.


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