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You Look Great in Your Undies.

Do I have your attention yet?!? Good. It's true! You are beautiful. Why as women is that so hard for us to come to terms with, and even (oh my God...) agree with?? From childhood, we're conditioned to disbelieve our beauty, and use it as an argument piece. This is usually how it would go:

Friend: You look amazing!

You: Oh no...I'm having a bad hair day, and look at the way this sweater hangs on my gut.

Friend: You look super skinny!

You: No...

Sound familiar? I bet it does. I'd be willing to believe that at some point in your life you've had this very (if not very similar) conversation with someone. We're conditioned to believe the worst in ourselves. To pick ourselves apart. WHY??? Why are we doing this?!?

I truly don't believe it's to fish for compliments. It's because the women before us did it, and the women before them. Do you want your children to talk to themselves that way? I don't. Time to break the cycle ladies.

I once heard a saying that's really stuck with me, and changed my perception on things, it went something like, "If you wouldn't say it to your ten year old self, don't say it to yourself now."

I'm working hard to build confidence in my daughters, even when it's hard to be confident in myself. And I think you should too. If boudoir is part of that plan, I think that's fantastic. If it's not, find another way. Your kids deserve it. But most of all you deserve to believe in yourself. Even on days when it's hard. Especially on those days.

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