Brand Ambassador Program



Looking Glass Boudoir received its name because it's a true reflection of each one of your beautiful selves. It's meant to show you what everyone else sees, and not necessarily your skewed version (I know that you pick apart your flaws, stop that girl!!). I'm here to help you with that. 


I'm looking for 2-4 babes that identify as women, believe in what we do, share our goals, and want to help other women feel empowered too! As a brand ambassador, you'll be:

  • Sharing and interacting with me on Facebook and Instagram to help spread the word.

  • Talking to people you love about boudoir! What it is, what your session meant to you, telling about the luxury experience, and of course the fun! (Be sure to give them your brand  code so you can get credit!)

  • You must be kind, and show body positivity and love. No dickheads allowed! 

  • Allow me to share your brand ambassador session images (you have to be down with your images being shared publicly. This is a MUST!)

  • Facebook group posts at least 3x weekly, answering questions, engaging on posts.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I be confident enough to rock my body during a boudoir session and share my images?

  • Am I willing to sign a model release? (This is a requirement!)

  • Am I willing to promote any photos from my session with Looking Glass to my friends, co-workers, online followers, and basically shout about it to anyone who will listen?

  • Would I enjoy a special ambassador discount?

What I'm looking for...

  • A diverse group of individuals who identify as women to spread body positivity

  • Must be 21+

  • Must be willing to share photos publicly

  • Must be active on social media

what will you get?

I want you to feel comfortable and confident referring this experience to your friends, and I want you to get rewarded for it! Bonus rewards for being a brand rep include:

  • One FREE boudoir session with full glam experience

  • Hair and makeup included

  • Access to referral credits

referral info...

Brand reps will receive a rep code to share. Sharing your rep code with others and on social media promotion posts gives anyone who uses it a discounted session fee, and once they book their session, gives you 1 referral. As a Brand Rep, you can collect referrals and redeem them for your own sessions/products!

sound like you?

Fill this out!
I am at least 21.
I am active on Facebook.
I am active on Instagram.
I understand that if chosen to be a brand rep, my session images will be used in public forums.